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Construction Munshi: Building Brilliance, One Click at a Time.

“Introducing Construction Munshi: The Ultimate Innovation in Construction Management Software. Experience the future of construction project control with a comprehensive, all-in-one solution. Seamlessly manage expenses, monitor project sites, handle materials, process payments, oversee projects, manage bills, and organize documents. Elevate your construction business with efficiency and innovation, all in one powerful platform.”

Unlocking Potential: Exploring Software Modules

Elevate Your Construction Experience: Discover the Power of our Feature-Rich Software Modules.

Explore Innovative Capabilities for unmatched performance.

Discover Extraordinary Features for exceptional capabilities.

Geo Location Tracking

Enhance your construction project precision with Construction Munshi’s Geo-Location-Based Expenses and Material Entry Tracking. Effortlessly track expenses and materials with location data, providing real-time insights and precise control over your project’s resources, all at your fingertips.

Custom User Interface

Tailor the user experience to perfection with our Custom User Interface (UI) solutions for web applications. Elevate your application’s design and functionality, providing a seamless, user-centric experience that aligns perfectly with your brand and user needs.

Internal Chat System

Foster seamless communication and collaboration within your organization with our Internal Chat System. Keep your teams connected, engaged, and productive, enhancing real-time communication for a more efficient and cohesive work environment.

Features that stand unrivaled and unmatched by any.

Multiple Company Management

Simplify the complexities of managing multiple companies with our comprehensive Multiple Company Management solution. Streamline financial reporting, resource allocation, and administrative tasks across your diverse business ventures, all in one integrated platform.

All In One Search System

Experience the convenience and efficiency of an all-in-one search system that aggregates and streamlines information retrieval from various sources and formats, providing you with a comprehensive and user-friendly search experience.

Best In Class Support System

Elevate your customer support to a new level of excellence with our Best-in-Class Support System. Our comprehensive solution is designed to provide exceptional assistance, robust resources, and a commitment to resolving your issues and inquiries with the utmost dedication, ensuring your satisfaction and success.

Pricing built for businesses of all sizes

Scale your construction operations through our MIS software. Meet the demand of your company’s users.



Billed Annually

  • UP TO 10 USER
  • 24X7 SUPPORT



Billed Annually

  • UP TO 25 USER
  • 24X7 SUPPORT



Billed Annually

  • UP TO 25 USER
  • 24X7 SUPPORT

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